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How to safely view the Solar Eclipse on October 14th

James Webb Telescope captures stunning images of a neighboring galaxy

Mars Rover has finally arrived at a long-awaited Martian location

Missing Antarctic sea ice shows a new, worrying reality

In a race against extreme floods, some cities look to nature

This NASA spacecraft successfully flew through a sun explosion

New implant can track the health of organ transplants in real time

NASA found evidence of ice on Mars. What does that mean?

10 mind-blowing facts about space

Video game technology helped a woman regain her speech

How young climate activists took Montana to court. And won.

What even is a sun bear?
By Mark Kaufman and Warren Shaw

What we know about the Maui wildfires

How can we adapt cities to extreme heat?

Who are the UAP whistleblowers and what are they telling congress?

What the hottest month on record looked like across the globe

Artists draw attention to the environmental cost of the war in Ukraine

Lightning trackers in space may help us prepare for extreme weather

How can India prepare its cities for severe heatwaves?

Satellite images show colossal damage from Ukraine's destroyed Kakhovka dam

NASA tech can help us tell when a coral reef is in trouble
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