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Hello! We’d like to make sure that your contact submission/feedback is directed to the appropriate team at Mashable. Please read through the following carefully before submitting below:

  1. We can only address issues related to Mashable and MASHABLE.COM. We are not affiliated with the sites we write about.

  2. For more information on advertising, please see our Mashable Advertising Information Page first.

  3. If you would like to use the Mashable Logo or any content on your site, please contact us via Customer Support so that we may look into your request. Please be as detailed as possible.

  4. Visit Mashable Shop Support for any issues or questions regarding the Mashable Shop.

Please follow the guidelines below to reach the Mashable team:
Please direct mail to the following addresses:

News Submissions (news@...)
Have a tip, update, or press release? (This is the only Mashable address that reaches our editorial team.)

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities (advertising@...)
Visit the Ziff Media website for more information on Marketing Solutions for our portfolio of brands.

Customer Support, Feedback, and Suggestions (support@...)
Do you see something that we can improve? Have you experienced a technical issue that we need to be aware of?

Events and Calendar (events@...)
Be a part of Mashable’s events. Just ask — we might be looking for corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Business Inquiries and Partnerships (bizdev@...)
Mashable is always looking for new ideas and partnerships.

Licensing and Reuse of Content
Contact our official partner, Wright’s Media, about available usages, license fees, and award seal artwork at [email protected]. Please note that Wright’s Media is the only authorized company that can provide Mashable brand materials. Fill out Wright’s Media Licensing and Reuse of Content Request form for more information.

Press Inquiries (press@...)
Our editors and reporters are regularly featured in the media as experts. Contact us to get their advice or schedule an interview.

Other Inquiries (contact@...)
If something didn’t quite fit into the above, contact us here. Please do not send press releases or news requests to this address (Note: We can only address issues related to MASHABLE.COM. We are not affiliated with the sites we blog about).

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