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Matt Binder

By Matt Binder
Apple Watch Series 9 apparently has a display issue. Here's what Apple is doing about it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Reports about burn-in display issues are piling up

Fake Bitcoin ETF news pumps price to $30,000

Elon Musk’s X is under investigation for alleged disinformation about the Israel-Hamas conflict

X CEO Yaccarino responds to Israel-Hamas disinformation — but only after coercion from the EU

An antitrust case could have serious ramifications for Google and Apple

Elon Musk created a safety mess on X. CEO Linda Yaccarino is using it to cancel appearances.

X rolls out new ad format that can't be reported, blocked

iPhone 15 overheating fix: Thermal imaging reveals whether iOS 17.0.3 update worked

Elon Musk strips headlines Twitter/X links because he didn't like how they looked

iPhone 15 overheating fix: Does it affect performance like some feared?

iPhone 15 Pro vs. Pixel 8 Pro: What are the differences?

X Social Media sues Elon Musk's X over the 'X' name

Elon Musk sued by college grad he falsely accused of being a 'fed' posing as a neo-Nazi

iPhone 15 Pro Max passes an important drop test

Apple confirms an iPhone 15 overheating fix is on the way

Everything you need to know about X CEO Linda Yaccarino's disastrous interview

Twitter / X is losing daily active users. CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed it.

Twitter/X just fired half of its election integrity team

Twitter/X removes option to report posts for 'misleading information'

There's a fix for the iPhone 15's overheating problem. But you're not going to like it.

iPhone 15 reported issues are piling up: 5 common problems we're hearing

Video and audio calls on X, formerly Twitter, will be for paying subscribers only

Apple admits there's an iPhone 15 setup bug. Here's how to fix it.

X adds "Formerly Twitter" to App Store listing as app plunges in the charts
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